We love good music at DAD. We don't really care where it comes from, so when Neana delivered this unreal 46-minute mix for The Astral Plane, there was no way we weren't passing this on. Though the original piece calls this music "drum tracks," to this android it sounds like it a whole special mess of footwork, different styles of club music, and house. Tracks from Nguzunguzu, K Millz, DJ Sliink, DJ Uniique, Trap Door, Jam City...there's just such a special vibe with this mix. The hard-hitting and sometimes repetitive percussive patterns make for crazy dance grooves if you're in the club, but if you're chilling at the spot, you can definitely just get lost in this as the spacey selections make for quite the meditative headspace. Let your mind drift or shake your hips, this mix is the shit.


E3 Night Flight - Logos
Ice Drop (Spha Remix) - Dj Lag
Love is Real (Trap Door Booty) - Jam City
Bloodlines - Rushmore
Through - Alex Deamonds
Luv Thang (Gang Fatale Bootleg) - Trap Door
Get It Girl (w synth) - Piri Piri
Chain - Moleskin
RZ-1 Jam - Dance System
Bells - Jam City
Reality Check - Dreams
Who-U-Wit - Deeon
Jansen (Dj Sliink rmx) - FBOM
Pumps (MikeQ Remix) - Imaabs
Spectral Evidence - Vissacoor
Earthquake - K Millz & Tokyo
Disk Error - ??
All Ends - Fraxinus
Tayco - Morgan Zarate
Taste The Rainbow - Kevin Jz Prodigy
Recluse (Georgia Girls Fuck Wit It) - Neana On The Trak
Harp Bell - Nguzunguzu
Lil Freak rmx - Dj K Dueces, Dj Tricks & Dj Problem
Werk This Krash - Vjuan Allure
Pussying Out (Demo 1) - Georgia Girls & Neana On The Trak
JJ aka Nasty rmx - TT Neana
500000000000000 Years (Georgia Girls Edit) - Jam City
Enemy Drumz - Kelela & Dj Master D
Total Crush - Neana On The Trak
Drive U Cray - Dj Uniique