Kitty Pryde... well, just Kitty now. No, she's not normally someone we'd be covering on DAD. She's also not someone who normally spits over jungle/dnb tempos... right? Her next album, Flowerviolence, is currently being worked on, and she gave away this track "Second Life," which feels like some ambient, Good Looking-ish proto-jungle. Ary of Anamanaguchi hooked up this beat, and while it plays more on the hyper drums and peaceful, lullaby-ish vibes, it's definitely an escape for those who were looking for something different from Kitty, who herself seems to be wanting to take more of a directive in the next chapter of her career: "it's gonna be weird but whatever i really like it and i'm tired of waiting for other people to decide what happens to my music because it's boring and i like this so here u go." Grab this one for free down below.