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In working DJ circles, DJ Scene and Jayceeoh are relative legends at this point.  Scene's gone from running the NW to residencies in Vegas and touring all over the country.  Jayceeoh spent time early on as Wiz Khalifa's DJ and hustling in the NE to finally breaking out in 2013 winning VH1's Master Of The Mix.  What does that exactly mean about their studio productions, though?  While both have been steadily making bootlegs, DJ edits and some original's fairly easy to say little to nothing has been extremely noteworthy.  Lots of handy DJ tools of course, but where's the tune(s) with all the pieces put together to really put a stamp on the production output?

Their collaboration out today on Fool's Gold may be just the slice of audio goodness that can start can get this snowball rolling. "Damn" is a large mid-tempo twerk-influenced tune that's produced incredibly well.  Large punch on the percussion and a great interplay between the vocal chop and the bubble synths.  Progression is sick too, which you would expect from two DJs who spend hours upon hours weekly in the DJ booth working their magic.  Fool's Gold stamp of approval doesn't hurt things either.