Post-disco pop-punk duo De Lux plans to release their self titled debut EP digitally through Scion on Nov. 19. The group has also released the first single "Better At Making Time" which is the genre-bending song that combines the style of old school pop with a modern edge. 

De Lux, made up of members Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco, spent their teens writing music and forming the sounds that will be present in the EP. "Better At Making Time" exists as a perfect example of their songwriting prowess as it was created from a random bassline by Isaac. Their haphazard method of creating songs only serves as a innovative new way to bring music that feels vintage but is accessible to a new generation of listeners. De Lux drops for free download on Scion, with physical copies given away Dec. 10. Their full-length album will be coming out early 2014.


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