A Tribe Called Quest opened up for Kanye West last night at the Barclays Center, in what is believed to be their second-to-last concert together. Obviously, they performed "Scenario," and in doing so, they brought out Busta Rhymes as a special guest. However, the performance was marred by technical difficulties with Busta's microphone, rendering his powerful voice mute as he delivered his scene-stealing verse.

But Busta Rhymes is one of rap's greatest showmen, and he proved it once again even without a mic. The crowd fed off of the energy he projected into his wild arm gestures, his frenetic pacing back-and-forth. He kicked, he jumped, and he absolutely killed it. 

Even though hip-hop is a youth-driven culture, veterans like Busta continues to show the younger generations that some of them have much to learn when it comes to moving a crowd like a real emcee should.

[via Real Talk NY]

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