Although the French electro-inspired heydey has since come and gone with the global EDM explosion, there's no doubt that the modern electro sound as pioneered by the French still permeates today throughout all of dance music.  That big room sound is no exception.  With the distorted hardstyle kicks, single lead sound, anthemic melodies coupled with understated yet poetic vocal samples leading the way, there's still no doubt that the electro sound is at the core of it all.  Although there's been much copycatism within this particular sound and we definitely don't cover the breadth of it all, there are definitely still some quality tunes in this vein.

THRILL & Rxn's "Ahiga" is one of those.  Somewhat similar to Dave Silcox's "Harlem Shake" remix, "Ahiga" takes the big room sound and injects with a heavier, if not a little throwback Dutch, horn-led sound.  Not only are the drums intimidating in a true big room tribal fashion, but the war-time horns give off that raw electro energy that'll make you just want to rip off your enemies face.  I kid you not, this is the sort of track that in the right situation, might just set off that inner warrior you've been trying to get a hold on.  Props to THRILL & Rxn for taking a tired formula and putting their own unique, hard-hitting spin on the sound.

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