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Favorite Rapper: Kool G Rap

No rapper before Kool G Rap combined legitimate street narratives with an equal mastery of technical accomplishment. At age 14, after a long night of running broads on the corner, G Rap would sharpen his verbal artillery at the after-hours spot Joe Grants with the likes of Silver Fox. His appetite for lyrical destruction soon overtook his nocturnal operations.

Records such as "Road To The Riches" laid the blueprint for all crime rhyme storytelling that followed, and gave rappers like Nas a foundation to build upon. "Men at Work" took brag rap to new heights of metaphorical supremacy. Not to mention that G Rap's cameo's on "Stick To Ya Gunz" and "The Realest" still remain as two of the finest examples of Gun Clap Rap ever laid to a two-inch reel.

The Kool Genius of Rap remains the ultimate personification of gutter wisdom and book smarts, and therefore the greatest rapper of all time.