Sacramento producer Lee Bannon has made a name for himself with boom-bap production for artists like Joey Bada$$, Ab-Soul, Souls of Mischief and others, but he's also been steadily releasing more experimental instrumental work on his own.

Recently announcing that he had signed to British indie electronic label Ninja Tune, which is known for its hip-hop-inflected artists, he shared a new single-track EP called Place/Crusher. Billed as featuring Minneapolis indie rockers Poliça, LA singer Sunni Colòn and someone called simply clpng, it's an ambient work drifting through experimental sounds that evoke everything from Burial to J Dilla to the music you might hear soundtracking a game of laser tag. The result is disorienting and totally engrossing.

Bannon's full-length Ninja Tune debut, Alternate/Endings, is due December 9. Download Place/Crusher for free here, head over to Bannon's BandCamp to throw him a few dollars for it, or stream the whole project below:

[via Fader]

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