The Pegboard Nerds are at it again. The duo have previously killed it with a remix of Krewella's "Alive," and even collaborated with the Krew on Get Wet's "This Is Not the End."  Those two tracks were released within the last three months on SoundCloud, but time flies when you are as productive as this trio from Chicago, Illinois. Krewella have since released about five more singles, a full album, launched a radio show and a tour.

Before all of that and still less than a year ago, "Come and Get It" was released on their Play Harder EP. At 175 BPM, it was their first drum & bass track, and a huge single for the Krew. This sultry, sexy track was slashed to pieces and put back together repeatedly, in a collection of remixes released eleven months ago. Last night, Krewella announced the November 5 release of their newest remix package for "Live for the Night," their first single off their first full length album, Get Wet. Pegboard Nerds are one of the featured artists in the collection (alongside Dash Berlin, W&W, Xilent, and Danny Avila), and to tease fans excited by this news, (get them a little wet, if you will), their remix has hit the Internets. Basshead Krew members have been dreaming this day would come. Today, they awake with sticky pants and smiles on their faces able to hear this one.

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