When it comes to a proper, varied electronic producer from the States, look no further than EPROM. His tracks range from glitch-y hip-hop soundscapes to mind-blowing garage excellence, with this approach not only gaining him the support of peers like The Gaslamp Killer, DJ Shadow, Rustie, and Flying Lotus, but imprints like Rwina and Warp making sure that his sounds see proper releases. Rwina hit the jackpot and will be releasing EPROM's second album, Halflife, on October 14, and trust us when we tell you that we're excited for it.

For this week's Five Tracks, EPROM has the podium, and he made this blogger smile. His selection of tracks have a common thread: they are all productions from one of my favorite drum & bass producers, Dillinja. I promise you, no one was put up to this; when we got word of what he was bringing to this forum, I was very shocked... and excited. EPROM had the following to say about Dillinja: "These are five classic Dillinja tunes. Dillinja was a legendary producer who was insanely prolific, he churned out bangers on a seemingly weekly basis. He also ran the Valve Sound system which was a custom built soundsystem which he relentlessly battered with tunes like these for years." Here is one of my personal favorites in this series; check out these five Dillinja tracks, courtesy of EPROM.