So maybe you heard that Eminem's newest album Marshall Mathers LP 2 dropped leaked yesterday. Yup, a batch of wma files of the album's 16 main tracks (the five bonus songs from the deluxe edition are yet to leak) are out and being consumed by fans everywhere. Although some people were angry that the songs leaked in wma format (and not the typical mp3 format—this is all computer nerd stuff) we were too busy jamming to the new tunes to care. Going into the album, there were a lot of expectations. Not just because it's an Eminem album and every Eminem album comes with a lot of expectations, but because this is an official sequel to his all time classic, 2000's The Marshall Mathers LP.

We kept wondering, how would Eminem incorporate the essence of his magnum opus into his latest work? We weren't the only ones wondering either. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Eminem had this to say about the new album, "Calling it The Marshall Mathers LP 2, obviously I knew that there might be certain expectations. I wouldn't want to call it that just for the sake of calling it that...There's not gonna be, like, continuations of every old song on there or anything like that. To me, it's more about the vibe, and it's more about the nostalgia." So how did he recapture the spirit of the album? Well, there's a number of lyrical references that will be obvious to Eminem Stans but might sail over the heads of casual listeners. So here's MMLP Reference On Eminem's MMLP2...

Written by Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)

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