Ah, I get it now. "The Pit" that Method Man was rapping about in this new track from Doctor P and Adam F, he meant this weird, bloody battle arena where speakers have no problem being blood-splattered due to chainsaws being ground on people's faces. Totally understand now. Dropping on Circus Records on October 28, "The Pit" is one of those tracks where people who love "that real hip-hop shit" will get a kick out of, but it doesn't feel like it'll necessarily connect with today's raver who has no real connection to an MC like Method Man. Not saying they should've gotten a Drake or Wiz Khalifa for the job, but sometimes you have to wonder if producers are chained to the rappers who've been in their rolodex since the late '90s. Whatever the case may be, if you like Method Man and grinding, aggressive beats, this is all you.

(Rolling Stone)