Hey Disclosure... what exactly is going on here? You guys uploaded this tune "Apollo" to your SoundCloud today with little (read: no) info whatsoever on it. One of the tags on the page is "settle," but what could this be? A Settle leftover? Whatever the case may be, we need this right now. Not now but RIGHT NOW! This is so dark, so haunting, so different than anything we've heard on Settle or from Disclosure in some time. Keeps that solid house rhythm but it feels like the perfect Halloween house treat for young beat freaks. Stream for now. We'll keep you posted when we figure all of this out.

UPDATE THUMP got their mittens on the full version of "Apollo," which they say will be released on December 16 via the Settle Special Edition release. Based on the timing, we're a bit confused - is Settle Special Edition the same thing as this remix album that's due out on December 17?


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