While Cam'ron hasn't released an album since Crime Pays in 2009, the Harlem MC has kept the streets fed with a handful of projects alongside protégé Vado and more recently his mixtape Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1. At 19 songs in length Cam delivers a tightknit project that highlights his sharp lyricism and unique sense of the world that listeners can connect with.

ComplexTV caught up with Cam'ron to break down a few songs from Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1. We learn about how "Snapped" describes a real life stalker and why he calls out Jay Z on "Come and Take to Me." Killa Cam also talks about "Instagram Catfish," which he says draws inspiration from a monumental project by R. Kelly. "Me and my man Sen City, we was working on a project and we're still working it on. It's kind of like Trapped in the Closet," he says. "We did 10-12 songs, but each song leads into the next song. R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet got the same beat the whole thing, we got different beats or whatever. [That] was one of the songs that we was working on for that project. I'm like, lets grab that off the project and put it on here because it's funny and it was hot."

If you enjoyed this episode, watch A$AP Ferg talk about his debut album Trap Lord below.




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