The city of brotherly love is known mostly for anything but that, and last night the actions of a few bouncers and promoters slammed another notch in the belt of that reputation. Very few venues attract artists relevant to the national and global scene. These few have been in something of a rat race to book too many artists, packing schedules even on weeknights with big names.

Earlier this morning, Lit Ultrabar housed the after party for the Dada Compound, which featured Clockwork, 12th Planet, Henry Fong, and local act Gerad and Luvitt (resident DJs at Lit). Area Event, a promotion and marketing company based in New York City hosted both Dada events.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, the Electric Factory got Aokified; Steve Aoki, Borgrore, and Waka Flocka stopped their bus tour in Philadelphia. Borgore called his good friend and local celebrity, Victor Niglio, on stage to play their unreleased track "Booty Monsta." The Factory closed out around midnight, and Borgore, Waka, Niglio, and entourage and some ladies headed over to the after party, because turn down for what, right?

Turned down is more like it. When the crowd arrived at Lit Ultrabar in Waka Flocka's tour bus, the one with his name painted on the side in gigantic letters, we're told that the bouncers and promoters would not allow them entry. They were going to make them pay the cover charge. One of their company quoted the owner of Area Event as saying, "Who the fuck cares who Waka Flocka Flame is?"


This is all odd, considering that whomever works the Lit Twitter account asked Flocka if he was coming by...

Also among their entourage was Master P's son, Lil Romeo. Allegedly he was let in, no questions asked. I guess as the music industry goes, the velvet rope draws a very clear line between who is in and who is out. Meanwhile, Borgore returned to his own bus, livid.

Ha. Brotherly Love?