From: Pennsylvania, Pa.
Has Produced For: Chance the Rapper, Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Wayne
Twitter: @alldayrecess
Signature Beat: Chance the Rapper "Juice" (2013)

Complex's October/November cover man Chance the Rapper's excellent Acid Rap brought accolades from all over the hip-hop community. Some of that praise has to go to Nate Fox, who produced a grip of the choicest cuts on the album, including the jazzy "Juice," the throwback jam "Favorite Song," and the house-informed "Chain Smoker." When Chance was asked to contribute to Lil Wayne's Dedication 5 mixtape, he brought Nate along again. The sunny boom bap of the pair's "You Song" is a highlight that found the famed mixtape Weezy rapping at the peak of his powers alongside Chance.