Today Speak releases his new music video "Uber" from his upcoming project The Precum Tape.

No, that's not a typo. The title of his mixtape will act as a lyrical massage for listeners that have been anticipating his sophomore album Gnarly Davidson vs. The Marlboro Men, which is expected to come sooner than you think (ahem). In that respect, titling it The Precum Tape makes more sense than say Rick Ross calling his last tape The Black Bar Mitzvah.

Back to the video, which features the Los Angeles-based MC wildin' out in the backseat of a town car and rapping over Mike Jones' "Still Tippin'" instrumental. It's quirky and entertaining, with Speak tossing his brown locks about as he spits, "I swerve like a perv on the verge of a nut/I feel like Jabba the Hutt, I keep my bitch tied up."  The video is directed by Julian Schratter.

As a bonus, check out this recent interview Speak did with our good friends over at Four Pins where he discusses his unique (i.e thrifty) fashion sense.

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