It doesn't get better than watching two successful artists showing that despite their stardom and accumulated wealth, they are still regular human beings. In this video, Pharrell and deadmau5 go for a coffee run. They stop at TIm Horton's, where they both order coffees and Pharrell orders an caramel apple bagel. Apparently, this is a daily routine for deadmau5 when he is in his hometown of Toronto, and he is not given any special treatment (deadmau5 recounts a time when he forgot to pay at the drivethru, so he had to turn around and return to make the payment).

So what do Pharrell and deadmau5 talk about during this 35 minute drive? Topics include electric cars, video games, and future chewing gum flavors. Pharrell mentions that a line of his Billionaire Boys Club t-shirts was inspired by an incident where a hotel valet crashed his vehicle and fled the resort because of his immigration status. The conversation almost never strays into music, but Pharrell does make it a point to offer deadmau5 a compliment about his art and asks about his availability for a video shoot.

Overall, both stars come off looking like regular guys, which is quite refreshing to see.

[via P&P]

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