Thanks to FakeShoreDrive, an unreleased track from Kanye West has been made available called "Candy."

The song's main artist is Myleka, who sings her provocative lyrics over a beat that is pretty much the same as Trina's "B R Right" featuring Ludacris, which was released in late 2002. Kanye also dons his own verse on the song, rapping, "If you got any little freak in you then I'mma find it/These niggas read the pimp manual but I designed it."

Considering "B R Right" was early in Kanye West's career, it was a smart business move for him to sell off this infectious beat to then-rising rap star Trina than give it to an artist that would linger in obscurity. Just another W in 'Ye's illustrious career.

Listen below:

[via FSD]

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