Kid Cudi has been on The Cud Life Tour 2013 since September 6. He has been joined on most of his tour dates by Tyler, The Creator. Before performing in Philadelphia a couple of days ago, the two had some free time, and decided to fill this free time by having a race. No, not a footrace. Instead, the two hopped aboard Segways and raced across a parking lot.

Cudi, Tyler, and Cudi's manager Dennis Cummings raced each other, and it appears from the Vine video that Tyler emerged the victor, with Cudi finishing last. However, the video isn't totally conclusive. However, regardless of the outcome, this video is great for several reasons. First of all, it is always awesome to see two artists on tour together hanging out and becoming friends. Second of all, it's hilarious, as are most Vines involving Tyler. And the two even managed a Segway embrace after the race was over.

Tyler's last date on The Cud Life Tour was yesterday in Boston. Cudi will finish the tour's final three dates alongside Big Sean and Logic.

[via ThisGoesIn]

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