Kaskade, America's Best DJ for 2013, recently took to Twitter to express his disdain for a "not allowed" list that he saw for his recent show in Miami at the American Airlines Arena, which seems to have disallowed concert attendees from bringing in kandi, glowsticks, stuffed animals, bracelets, and who knows what else. An early assumption is that whomever drew up this list was trying to diffuse the stigma that many ravers are hit with, most likely of being "drug-addled lunatics," which we imagine stings more post-Electric Zoo 2013. Some of us had a feeling that the next "big" shows after that event would be scrutinized, and it seems like no matter how much money is being poured into the EDM scene, the powers that be will still see it a certain way. Check out Kaskade's tweets and know that you have at least one DJ on your side.


(White Raver Rafting)