This is one of the most interesting adaptations I have heard in a minute. Joe Brunning released a successful tribal record a couple of years back called "Now Let Me See You Work," a phenomenal tune with a really cool Boyz II Men sample in it. SANiTY & Deploom flipped this into a festival trap tune. But before you roll your eyes, give a listen.

Using the original samples to lead into a drop, you expect the record to go apeshit, and it doesn't... at all. Pointed drums sit underneath a minimal synth, and the "let me see you work" sample stands as the heart of the record. What may be more interesting than the tune is the fact that Deploom doesn't seem to exist anywhere? While you ponder the possibilities here, snag this tune. It's nutty, a step to the left, and downloadable for free. The trifecta.