Produced by: Choice37

Choice37: “This song was made and mostly recorded in my room. I had a loop and an idea with the line: ‘GD that's me! Who you? Not me.’”

G-Dragon: “I’m pretty much saying, ‘You can do it. You can do it, but you can’t be like me.’ I’m saying you could be Tony Stark; you could be anybody if you want to. But you can’t be like me. That’s pretty much the basis of the song. And I wanted to do something that’s fun.”

Choice37: “GD came through and he wrote the hook within 15 minutes. We wanted a rough vibe to the song so we recorded his vocals with a microphone that I've had for eight years that cost $200. That’s in my room instead of the main studio. We vibed out and had fun with the song and tried to keep it simple and not overproduce it.”

G-Dragon: “[Laughs.] To be honest, saying ‘You Do’ is a little weird in Korean [Ed. note—The word for ‘nipple’ is pronounced as “yoo doo” in Korean.]