Nothing about this collaboration makes sense, except for the final product.

ForteBowie is a triple-threat singer-songwriter-producer from Georgia. His biggest brush with fame was guesting on one of the less-popular Trinidad James tracks, and his single "Gucci Mayne," released earlier this year, is a slept-on gem.

Katie Got Bandz is a Chicago-based drill artist who has managed to skirt the sophomore slump, thanks in part to buzzing regional single "Pop Out." 

There is a definite "Nuts & Gum" vibe to the idea of this collaboration. And finding out the song is called "Gang Related" doesn't really reassure the cautious, tasteful listener in the Miley Cyrus era.

And yet somehow, together, the two artists have crafted a charming song about the star-crossed finding love in a hopelessly violent place. Katie's detached, hard-nosed delivery matches ForteBowie's spare synth-hits, and she offers a few unexpectedly funny lyrics ("If you want it then its yours/Doin' hits like chores") in a song that dares you to think its anything less than sincere. And check out the crazy kick drum programming during the chorus.

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