Shouts to Heist for letting this one go. Dave Owen's "Loose Lips" was a tune that eluded me for the better part of a year. Bailey would play the hell out of it on his show, just as this beautifully-soulful R&B-flipping dubplate, but when word came out that Heist's Co-Lab would be releasing the track, I got confused. I couldn't help it; Heist is known for a number of styles, but signing the more liquid dancefloor style? Not necessary where people saw him coming. It worked, and eventually got released on a random EP last April, but he wasn't done; Heist felt the need to go in with his own edit on the track, which came out fierce. It feels like a throwback hardstep vibe, with the banging snares and clipping that he did to the song's melody. Musiq is still there, but this one got a proper big body makeover, and we're loving that it's out for free.