This is when I love my life. A bass producer buddy of mine now works under an alias for his electro production, and shoots me a soundcloud link. I asked if he was going to make it downloadable. It's unlocked 10 minutes later. But in taking a peek I notice the rest of these releases are on turbo as well.

You may notice that Merk can't seem to let go of those bass elements though. This is when music truly gets exciting, as barriers are crossed and styles start melting together.  Yen is downloadable if you click the "buy" link. The rest are teasers.  They're all brand new though.  Give an ear!

Ookay & Pyramid Juke - Yen (Merk Remix)

Tilsonic - No Cigar (Merk Remix)

XNDR - Pharaohs (Merk Remix)