Over the soft guitar notes of No ID's production, Jhené Aiko offers an extended version of the raw, hurt "Comfort Inn Ending (freestyle)," released earlier this year. Laying out highly specific narrative details ("I should have never took you on a boat for your birthday/And I never should have fucked you on a boat on your birthday") and naming (first) names on the wispy, emotional second half of the song, she gives the story of a relationship that went from passionate tryst to one-sided love, and there's a sense that what she's singing about is very, very real. 

It's a crushing song, but while Aiko tells a very specific story, it's also entirely relatable for anyone dealing with the disappointment of love gone awry. "You are not the only one," she keeps repeating, half as a reminder to herself, half as a reminder to the rest of us.

Check it out below: 

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