Mashups are the shit. Whether it be making amazing Vines where you set rap songs to innocent, out of context movie and TV scenes or setting pop songs to rap videos, there's some great things being created and consumed on the Internet these days. Just like this video, which takes footage from the music video to Jay Z's "Picasso Baby" and plays Taylor Swift's "22" over it. If you ask us, it's a major improvement over Jay's original video was which kinda boring. 

The original video was shot at the Pace Gallery in Chelsea in July and featured a gang of celebrities. Jay shot the video for six hours and turned it into a 15 minute film titled “Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film” that aired on HBO last week.

The mashup video was made by Culture Pirate, who wrote about Taylor and Jay saying, "I love that both artists use their status as outsiders to connect with audiences despite being very much ‘insiders’. I think that dichotomy resonates with the art world attendees as well." 

Maybe they do have that in common but one thing is for sure, Jay Z definitely doesn't feel 22. 

In the future, the entire world will just be a mashup experience. To the point you won't even be able to tell real music from the average Girl Talk record because well, how else can you listen to 100,000 songs on your iBrain at once? 

[via Buzzfeed]

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