Ahhh, festival trap.  When done right, it really can't go wrong.  Hammo Sung has been lingering on the sidelines for a minute honing his craft, but this producer from the DMV seems like he's ready to throw his name in the pot.  He's quietly landed on Bro Safari's Diplo & Friends Mix, Bro Safari & UFO!'s Animal LP, and Freakstep's Trap Check Two.  It seems like the perfect time for him to move into the fast lane.

We try to represent a vast variety of tunes, and this one is ONLY ready for peak hour at the club.  An epic cascade of big room and ripping low end backed with Lil Jon's signature vocals turn the original festival anthem into a trap banger.  If this is any indication of how Hammo Sung is turning up this summer, we can only expect things to get better as the year comes to a close.