Rich Homie Quan: “Before jail, I didn’t perform no real shows. Open mics, more so. I was still shy. ‘Am I gonna step out there? Let me see what they think first.’ I had still never did a real show until then.

"I was critiquing my craft. It went from me listening to my songs everyday to watching my videos everyday. Thinking about how I’m going to perform better on stage. This my job now, thinking, 'How can I present myself for these 30 minutes on here?' I had to make it look good, so I went to looking at other people perform.

“When I went on tour with Trinidad [James] in Houston, I was seeing how he went from doing little venues to outside crowds, from little stages to big stages. You don’t have your partner behind you—that’s what I was used to. You have that little room, I knew my buddy was gonna be over there getting crunk, and I’m going to keep looking over to him, he’s gonna keep looking over to me, and we’re gonna just go off of the vibe. Right there, there wasn’t no partner, it was just me. So that taught me how to interact with crowds better, how to let the crowd feed off of your energy. I learned a lot from Trinidad, he don’t even know it."