Circa: 1994
Producer: DJ Clark Kent

It's always amusing to revisit sports references on old rap tracks. It's just impossible for them not to sound dated at 20 years old. Point in case: Jay and Sauce Money's circa '94 demo "Pass the Rock," a coke rap over a Clark Kent-produced vibraphone and piano loop delivered entirely in basketball-themed double entendres. (Get it, "rock" = "rock"?)

Try not to crack a smile at lines like: "I gotta get the AC Green/ In other words I run the streets 360 like Dominique," or "I get the payoff in the playoff, never get sweeped/I three-peat, but who could ever lose to the Heat?" Hearing "Pass the Rock" now for the first time is a bit like watching a two-decade-old reel from Sports Center. But if the Internet and hip-hop were a thing back in '93, a leak of this rare gem would have been quite a conversation starter on the blogs.