When Jay Electronica tweeted out, "It's my turn," following the release of Jay Z's album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, speculative consensus was that the reclusive MC was referencing the release of his own debut album.

Now, according to frequent collaborator The Bullitts, some more clarity can be found surrounding the much anticipated project. Speaking with NME, The Bullitts explained that Jay Electronica's album is close to being done. "Honestly, it's in the last stages of recording," he said. "You know when a builder builds a house? And when he's finished the walls he gives them one little brush over, like a once over? And then the album will be done."

The Bullitt's also expressed his opinion on the album, comparing it to Kanye West and Jay Z's latest releases. "It goes hand in hand with Yeezus and Magna Carta… They go hand in hand... Also, also… It's weird how Jay Z is intricately involved with all of us, but all the albums sound so different."

So, is a new Jay Electronica album finally coming? Find some inspiration from Marky Mark for the time being.

[via NME]

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