Future has a lot on his plate for the second half of 2013, including the release of his sophomore album Future Hendrix, not to mention a tour with Drake and Miguel in the fall. He opened up with Karen Civil on these endeavors, as well as why he opted out of touring with Lil Wayne and performing at Summer Jam.

Describing his success in 2012 which has carried into this year, Future explained the motivation behind releasing "Sh1t," his newest single. "It's been a year of going up, so I just want to keep the level of anticipation and energy, everything right. The momentum right. So I just dropped the song." He continued, "I'm just going to keep dropping single after single before I put the album out so everybody can get the complete picture."

It was recently announced that Future would be joining Drake and Miguel on tour, and the Atlanta rapper was excited for the two-month trek across the country. "This is my first national tour," attests Future. "I've been asked to go on tour several times, I just felt like the timing wasn't right." This refers to his decision to pull out of Lil Wayne's "America's Most Wanted Tour," alongside T.I. and 2 Chainz.

He also revealed why he didn't perform at this year's Summer Jam, which saw a star-studded bill of French Montana, Kendrick Lamar and Wu-Tang Clan, among others. "On Summer Jam, they only give you a certain time," said Future. "They said they only going to give you 20 minutes, when you know the fans want more from you. They expect more from you."

Future also confirmed that he's planning on releasing Future Hendrix in November, right around the time the "Would You Like a Tour?" ends.

[via Karen Civil]

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