deadmau5 has gone on quite a tear with a number of SoundCloud sweets, trolling or not.  His latest upload, "Entschuldigen Sie," is an ambient downtempo number featuring a more expressive percussion style than we've previously heard from the Canadian producer. The German title translates to "sorry," but we're not going to speculate what that could be in reference for.  That said, there's an unbridled emotion in this track that makes it something special.  Eschewing his typical four-to-the-floor straight beat style, this more experimental broken beat suite is the result of deadmau5's change in process.

Mau5 continued his stream of consciousness tweets explaining:

At this point we're fascinated with deadmau5 and his music and his impact on dance music. Free from the pressures of Ultra Music, the mau5 is sure to take the reigns once again on his career and make music which ever way he sees fit. We're waiting with baited breath.