Album: Wu-Tang Forever
Producer: 4th Deciple & RZA
Label: Loud/RCA/BMG

"Impossible" was a deep cut on the second disc of Wu-Tang Clan's sophomore group album Wu-Tang Forever that found the crew spitting Five Percenter wisdom while Wu affiliate Tekitha sang the operatic hook in the background. RZA and U-God kick knowledge, but it's Ghostface's vivid third verse here that lifts "Impossible" to its dizzying breathtaking heights. Ghost's verse starts with a shot ringing out and then methodically details the panic that ensues when we find out the victim is a friend, a father of young children, and he's not going to make it. Rae comes in afterward with the moral of the story, that gun violence is out of control, and we're gonna be seeing a lot more stories like these if we don't get our act together. RZA has referred to Ghost's turn on "Impossible" as the greatest Wu verse ever, and The Source awarded it Verse of the Year honors at the end of the year.