Label: Cash Money/Universal
Producer: Mannie Fresh
Birthdate: 9/3/1980
Age: 18

As far as rap success goes, if the first step is having a video that involves bowls full of money and stretch Hummers and the second is owning a private jet, then the third is coming up with a phrase so good it becomes part of the soccer mom lexicon. By all three counts, Cash Money succeeded with "Bling Bling," a posse cut from B.G.'s Chopper City in the Ghetto. Not only was B.G. still a teenager on the song, the track was the biggest spotlight to date for the 17-year-old Lil Wayne, whose hook and verse hint at his future pop appeal and lyrical dominance, respectively. Even Baby, who's not technically a teenager (he's 30 here), manages to steer clear of adulthood, pointing out that "the Cash Money motto is to drink 'til you throw up." Featuring carefree money boasts over a spry Mannie Fresh beat, the song still sounds relevant today in the Young Money era, proving the staying power of both diamonds and youth.