With it's horribly auto-tuned vocals and almost nonsensical lyrics, it's amazing this ever caught on. In fact, Eiffel 65's "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" is one of those songs where you're not sure why you like it. Perhaps it's with a hipster-inspired sense of irony? Maybe it's a nostalgia overload, because right now it seems to me there's no reason this should have ever been popular. That said, listening to it now, the melodies are far from terrible and the heavy low-end was different than anything else I my seven-year-old self was rocking out to. Despite all of its shortcomings, there's still something undeniably poppy, catchy, and infectious about this that defies any artistic snobbery. It's tracks like these that sowed the seed for what would become my love affair with electronic music (and made others hate it)!