On these Internets, we don't know what to believe, but this bit of Steve Aoki news is just odd. Here are the facts that we do know: Steve's currently overseas on his "Together Tour," and he had a show in Torino, Italy. He confirmed it by posting a Vine of a recent caking from that show. We've also seen multiple tweets saying that he was escorted off stage during this performance, which Aoki does not refer to on his Twitter or Facebook accounts, but if you read this interesting Pulse Radio article, you'll find a strange account of the performance:

Miami based EDM producer Steve Aoki entertained with some out-of-the-ordinary antics last night getting him escorted off stage. Unaptly named the ‘Together Tour’ in Torino, Italy - Steve Aoki, mounted the mixing desk, with the un-plugged CDJ next to fall victim to the ‘little cannoli’ - probably the only thing performing on stage at that particular moment but you can be the judge of that.

Hey look, it’s tough on tour, mount the mixer and you’ll be fine. It’s rumoured that having to press the play button repeatedly for extended lengths of time during his set has driven Aoki to self-diagnose and remedy with ecstasy. Fair enough, each to their own, but he reckons he ended up taking Viagra instead because of a pill mix up which ultimately led to ‘some kind of vampire’ staring Pauli Casterimano down dry humping the CDJ’s.

Pauli Casterimano the Torino venue’s head of waste management and legitimate businessman went on to say ‘It was a disgrace, the crowd was full of children, including my 14 year old daughter. I mean, this is an EDM event not some debauched free for all.’ So to answer the question – Yes it was at an EDM event, Steve Aoki was having it and delivered a once in a life-time performance.

Now that's a batch of scandalous information that isn't being backed up on Twitter or with any video or photo footage. Not saying we would do it, but don't you think that if a superstar DJ started dry-humping a CDJ, then got escorted from the venue, that we'd have SOME kind of corroborating information on that? We're not saying that Pulse Radio is lying, but we're going to stay skeptical until some additional information/evidence on this ordeal comes down the wire.

UPDATE DAD reader Alex posted this video that says its from the Torino, Italy tour stop; if you watch it, you can see the same caking footage from the Vine up above from a different angle. And as you can see, Steve walked off the stage by himself - no escorting or anything. And from what we see, he seems to be acting fine and normal. Check out the video: