2013 is shaping up to be one of the best years in recent music history. Even for dance music specifically, the output has been crazy. One trend we've been loving has been the uptick in the number of ALBUMS released. One album we've been waiting for was Tiësto's Club Life, Vol. 3: Stockholm. For the new album, Tiësto focused on Swedish capital Stockholm and his experiences from the city. Living their part time, performing, being inspired by the Swedes, all played a part in this album.

Speaking on the album, Tiësto explained “I moved to Stockholm in February 2009 and now spend several months there every year. The Swedes are enormously talented in fashion, music and art, which is extremely inspiring for me when I work on new tracks. There are also lots of great clubs within walking distance from the city center that makes Stockholm a very friendly place to party. This mix album perfectly encapsulates my Stockholm Club Life experience.”

The album itself doesn't have too many Swedish names outside of a Tiësto remix of Swedish synth pop duo Icona Pop here and an Alesso track there, but listening to it and you can't help but feel placed inside one of Stockholm's clubs. With exclusive tracks and original productions and collaborations, Vol. 3 includes numbers from Hardwell, Alesso, Moguai, and of course collabs with up-and-coming talent like Moska, Dj Punish, Blasterjaxx, Dyro, Kyler England, MOTi, and Alvaro. Tiesto added to the album saying “On this compilation you can hear the influence of the new generation of Dutch and Swedish DJs. When I listen back to this mix and the tracks that I produced and remixed, it takes me back to special places and very fond memories of Stockholm. I feel like I became a little bit Swedish over the years and I can honestly say that Stockholm will always be in my heart."

Having listened to the album multiple times now, there's definitely some replay-ability here.  But is that a surprise?  Club Life is not an album in the traditional sense but rather a mix album with original tracks included (not a surprise, but worth mentioning). Shouldn't there be replay value when you're essentially cherrypicking some of the biggest hits in the last year?  That sounds awfully cynical on the face of it, but that's what this is.  That said, Tiësto's choices are on point with his absolutely massive festival slaying remix of Zedd's "Clarity" and his new remix of the chart-topping aforementioned Icona Pop.  Even numbers like Alesso's "If I Lose Myself" fit in this mix. Tiësto's strengths as a DJ and song selector are on full display here as he did create quite a fun, bottle-popping, booming hour and fifteen minute romp.  The album's strongest points lie in many of Tiësto's originals like the collaborations with Dyro on "Paradise" (which you already know will get a vocal mix in six months), with DJ Punish on "Shocker," and with MOTi on "Back To The Acid," and the final track, an absolute monster in Tiësto and Blasterjaxx's remix of Tiesto, Quintino & Alvaro's "United."  This album certainly has it's moments with monster tracks and hints of vintage Tiësto.  For those looking for a deal on a compilation of some of the season's biggest hits, get this release and you won't be disappointed.