See this is what the Internet is all about. First you take a classic clip from the '90s, like say a family oriented show with corny humor that you watched as a kid because you were a dumb kid who barely even graduated from watching Barney & Friends

Then you mash it up wit a contemporary twerk anthem, because there's nothing wrong with watching a video of a teen-aged girl do a wholesome dance while a 38-year-old man raps about stripper poles and ratchet pussy. 

Then you post it to WorldStar, because well, this is the Internet and that's where things like this go. And finally, you see it and send it to all your friend like, "Yo did you see this?" And so, the circle of life slow ethering of our souls continues on the Internets. 

FYI: Real thugs watch ABC Family. 

[via WSHH]

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