Label: Columbia

Mac Miller: "That's the album that made me start rapping. Everybody knows that about me. That's who I used to try to be like. I used to be a fucking straight gangster street rapper from the projects of New York. Did I ever play you when I was a gritty New York rapper from the projects? It's definitely on YouTube. It's crazy, I was 15, I was robbing people, and I was into the East Coast/West Coast beef [in my raps].

"In one of my raps my line was like, 'On the East Side we ride on the weed high/Jacking cats packing fat stacks in their Levis/Rap stacks for cash that we divide/Fee-fi we ain't going down where you reside, creeping/Running through your house while you sleeping.' I had a line where I said, 'Stay strapped with the gat to your kneecap.' I was bad, gang banging. Not to be fucked with. Hardcore motherfucker named Mac. That shit was crazy."

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