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Last night, Papoose headlined Hot 97's Summer Jam!

Oh wait, no he didn't. He wasn't even on the bill and he probably wasn't even invited. How the hell did he get on stage?

In-between Kendrick Lamar and French Montana's sets, the Brooklyn rapper decided to get his Lil Mama on. He somehow got on stage, grabbed the mic, and performed his Ron Brownz produced cut, "Get At Me." Pap ended his set by getting the crowd to chant "Free Remy" in reference to his currently incarcerated wife, Remy Ma. Remy is expected to be released from jail some time next year.

Hot 97's programing director Ebro Darden tweeted about the situation and was as confused as any of us. He asked Pap to call up the station today to clear up the situation and Pap said he would. 

Ironically, at a show where everyone from Lil Wayne to Nicki Minaj to Mariah Carey all popped up for an appearance, all anyone is talking about is Papoose. Which means this is the first time in about six years anyone has even talked about Papoose. 

Oh and as a bonus, here's some footage of Pap sneaking into Summer Jam.

[via RapRadar]

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