I've been liking just about anything and everything I've heard by Cashmere Cat, but this remix really caught my ear. My appreciation of this track is due partially to the shamelessly blunt lyrics sliced from the original Miguel track, but mostly due to the way that Cashmere Cat arranges those vocals. Many people, including us, usually tend to treat vocals as a separate element. Even when chopping them up, musicians usually try to preserve the "human" and "vocal" qualities of the samples. Cashmere, however, has this unique way of treating voices the same way he treats other instruments and he leaves the obvious "pitched up" or "pitched down" sound intact. I think this really adds to his signature "digital" sound. I'm also really impressed with the way he moves from the very pretty floating verses into the heavy style choruses. It's extremely challenging to move from those two almost opposing emotions musically, and he nails it, in my opinion.