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If you're like me, you've spent way too many late nights pinned to a computer screen.  I end up sitting in a dark room staring at a super bright computer screen working on whatever projects I'm trying to knock out.  And when I post "who's up" on Facebook at 3AM, I get a ridiculous amount of likes.  Whether we make beats, DJ, curate content, layer in Photoshop, edit film, or write articles, a lot of artists are night creatures.  The last thing we are concerned about is our eyesight and whether or not the settings on our computers can help.

My buddy Ryan Loughlin over at The EDM Network passed this to me yesterday, and I was dying of laughter when he said "the warm orange glow makes me feel like my laptop has a blanket on and its tucked in ready for bed."  But after installing this application, that's actually exactly how it feels.  Your eyes don't sting.  It's soothing.  F.lux claims that it's possible that we're all staying up too late because of harsh conditions on our eyes, and that their app will help us sleep better.  They even have research to back up their claims.

F.lux syncs to your clock, and the lighting changes on your computer depending on the time of the day.  The application makes your screen brighter in the afternoon and gives it a comforting softer glow at night.  Give it a shot and let us know how you slept.  F.lux is available for free and compatible with Windows, Linux, or OS X here.