In 2013, drum & bass is (sadly) not in the forefront of the dance music scene like it was in the 1990s. During the "electronica" phase, you had artists like Goldie flying the flag for the dnb scene, but it was the foursome known as Reprazent, lead by Roni Size, that really showed audiences how it was done. Roni Size and his crew helped put the Bristol music scene on the map, and he helped bring the jazzy elements to the drum & bass genre like none other. He's been active in the scene for two decades, and V is reporting that he has a new album coming out for them in the near future. We just don't have it right now.

To prep for whatever he's dropping in the dnb future, we wanted to make sure you all were experts on Roni's catalog. We run from the early days and touch on many different eras, from the Reprazent bangers to the work he's done with some of hip-hop's finest. DAD welcomes you to the essential Roni Size.