Earlier this week, Armin van Buuren announced that he will be one of the first 100 "Founder Astronauts" to take a commercial flight into space, via the Space Expedition Corporation. While the tickets for this expedition run around $100,000, SXC are such big fans of Armin's that they waved the fees. Being in a constant State of Trance has its perks.

Word is that there is some kind of special training that the Founders will go through, including courses on G-forces and weightlessness, but we're wondering if he's mentally preparing. We figured the easiest way for Armin to wrap his head around the joy and pain of space travel would be through the universal language of music. DAD cooked up a special playlist of space-themed tracks that can be applied to a wide range of situations, from glancing out into the cosmos to fighting space aliens. You know, you gotta be prepared.