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You could say Chance The Rapper's excellent Acid Rap was a step up from last year's #10Day. But what exactly caused this boost? A year's worth of experience and acid is part of it.

In an interview with MTV, Chance The Rapper said acid was involved in 30 percent of Acid Rap's creation. That said, it's impressive how much control he has over his flow throughout the course of the mixtape. Rapping on acid isn't necessarily a challenge though; Chance The Rapper said rapping under its influence wasn't that hard.

The Chicago MC also noted acid wasn't the main driving force behind Acid Rap: "It was moreso a boost or kind of a bit of fuel for it. [Acid Rap] is more of an allegory to acid than a tape about acid."

Interestingly, Chance The Rapper also said he used to sound like Kanye West, one of his main influences. Check out the interview above.

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