Producer: Mannie Fresh
Album: Guerrilla Warfare
Label: Cash Money, Universal

Despite the label's obvious strengths, the late-'90s Cash Money run feels like a bit of a blur once you get past the hits. Much of this had to do with the economy of the label.

Maybe because they were trying to keep up with No Limit's assembly line pace, they had a tendency to recycle and re-recycle lyrics with a reckless abandon. Sometimes a certain hook would reappear three or four times across the catalog.

This method, as well as the uniformity of Mannie's production approach, sometimes makes the entire catalog feel a little like a long string of remixes. But in the midst of all this, a handful of musically and conceptually sound album cuts stand out on their own.

Perhaps none more so than "Tuesdays and Thursdays," where the Hot ones offer some very constructive advice to D-Boys. (And if we're keeping score, yes, the hook is recycled from an earlier Juve verse on "Spittin' Game")