The mid-2000s was a fairly cold moment in hip-hop but the one titan who stood supreme—at least on Billboard—was 50 Cent. His major label debut album was an international smash and his second album, The Massacre, was no different. Except for the fact it wasn't as warmly received critically, despite selling five million copies in the US alone.

The lead single to the album was the Scott Storch produced, Olivia assisted, "Candy Shop." Although the song shot to No. 1 on Billboard and was a worldwide hit, it's one of 50's worst songs. It's like a polished version of the much better hit, "Magic Stick" and features awful lyrics like, "If you be a nympho, I'll be a nympho."

Although we defend The Massacre to this day (Surely it's flawed but trim six songs and you have a great album), "Candy Shop" is inexcusably bad and unlike most of 50's catalog, it faded faster than the average ringtone rap song.

But don't tell that to the song's producer, Scott Storch, who sat down in an interview with AHH and claimed he and 50 have a 100% success rate. It's true that they made a few hits together (including "Just a Lil Bit") but that can't be the only measure for success.  

[via HHDX]

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