Tonight, Floyd Mayweather battles Robert Guerrero in the ring. As the match has already gotten underway, some of the attention surrounding the fight revolved around Mayweather's entrance. Known to surround himself with an entourage of superstars, Mayweather was brought ringside by Lil Wayne, who happened to sing "No Worries" as Mayweather made his entrance. A couple of screenshot pictures have surfaced and are available below.

While many have made jokes about Weezy replacing 50 Cent, who had a well-publicized falling out with Floyd that might have been merely a stunt, this is not the first time the New Orleans rapper has accompanied Mayweather ringside. In fact, Weezy was seen posing with Mayweather, 50, and Justin Bieber in the ring after the boxer won his bout against Miguel Cotto last year.

Footage from Weezy's performance is likely to come soon so stay posted.

[via IFWT]

UPDATE: Video of the performance has now surfaced. For most of the performance, Weezy's voice is drowned out by the commentators, but from what one can see, the New Orleans offers a very earnest delivery of his song. Watch it below.

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